Molli’s birthday cake


My second child has grown up. She is an adult (or is getting close to it, at least she has made it to 18), and for her birthday she requested an Ikea almond cake. Obviously not from Ikea, she wanted me to make it because that way it would taste better and she would have some realistic hopes of getting more of it, too.

I searched the net for recipes and now, unusually, I will not post any links because I wasn’t happy with what I found because I had to make some changes to the cream to stop it being runny. So, while the end result was tasty, it was not perfect. (It will, however, be a good starting point for future experiments–the end result was great, except the filling would have run out of it if I had not frozen it while I was making it, but I am getting ahead of myself again, you will see for yourself in a moment!).

8 eggs
200ml cream
200g of whole, unpeeled almonds
1 bag of sliced almonds
400g sugar
300g butter
2 heaped tablespoons of Dutch cocoa
4 heaped tablespoons of corn flour
a squeeze of lemon juice,
a pinch of salt

I ground the almonds without peeling them (it was quite tricky in a blender, a mincer might be easier). Mix together the ground almonds, half the corn flour, cocoa, and a pinch of sugar. Whip up the egg whites until they are stiff, squeeze a little lemon juice over it, then add 200g of sugar and beat it smooth before gently folding the almond mixture into it.
Line a round cake tin using a little oil (on the tin) and turn the mix into it, smooth it gently.

In a preheated low-medium oven bake for 25-30 minutes (until it passes the prick test).

Mix two tablespoons of corn flour into the cream and heat, add 100g butter. Let it cool slightly. Whip the egg yolks and 200g sugar. Stir the creamy-buttery-starch mixture gently into the yolk foam and begin to gently heat it until it thickens, then quickly remove from the heat and beat the remaining butter into it. Put it in the freezer for an hour, periodically mixing it to give it an even consistency.

Toss the almond slices in a dry frying pan until golden brown. I cut the cooled cake in two and spread the icing mix evenly between the middle, the top and the sides of the cake, sprinkled the almond slices on the top before placing the whole cake in the freezer. (That was my problem with the recipe. I shall work on the icing so that you don’t need to muck about with the freezer so much, it isn’t a lot of fun). Leave the cake in the freezer until it is not quite frozen then transfer it to the fridge and leave it for a few hours before eating. It will be perfectly easy to slice, a beautiful, delicious cake. Actually, I can’t find words to describe it, itactually tastes perfect. Heavenly!

Photos: David Orosz





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