Pear and almond slices

My children are a great cover! In the guise of the heroic mother I can look wonderful while, in fact, I am baking something that I fancy for myself.
I came across this particular pastry at a birthday party last week, I liked it so much that I could hardly bring myself to stop eating it. Incidentally, I am totally hooked on flaky pastry at the moment, so naturally this is made with that, too.

1 pack of flaky pastry rolled out thinly
100gm almonds
100gm butter
100gm sugar (I reckon less is also fine)
1 egg
rind of 1 lemon
a few drops of lemon juice
1 ripe pear
I grind the almonds without peeling them, then I mix them in with the softened butter, egg, sugar, lemon rind and a little lemon juice. I chop the pear in half, scoop out the core, then slice the pear finely. I cut the rolled pastry into approximately palm-sized squares, place mounds of the almond mix onto each, and a couple of slices of pear on top of that, before arranging the pastry in whatever shapes the fancy takes me, and popping them into a hot oven to bake for a few minutes until they are done. In the end I sprinkle a little icing sugar on the top, and then, with unbelievable self control, try to wait for them to cool down a little. And wolf them down.



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