When this blog was originally launched, I would cook something, take pictures with my not very fancy telephone, and then construct montages ​​from those photos. Low resolution images are such that they are ok to get by with, but the quality (to put it mildly) was rather poor. Meanwhile, my eldest, David, was an enthusiastic member of his high school photography club. So, when he finally got a camera of his own I asked him to take the photos. I figured that whatever else, he would take much better pictures than I had. Then this request expanded somewhat beyond the original brief. It turned out that the pictures he produced were not simply “a little better”, they were beautiful. They were mouthwateringly delicious pictures that I would gaze at and find myself recalling many months later. I am intensely grateful to him, and proud that he can do such cool stuff. Not to mention how wonderful a feeling it is to create something great with my son.

Thank you David!

All the images that appear in this blog are the intellectual property of David Orosz, and all rights are reserved. If you would like some cool pictures of your own, you can contact him at: oroszdavid97(at)gmail(dot)com!